Monday, June 29, 2009



$1.00 per square inch
For example, an 11"x14" would be $154. I usually round the price out, so $150


$1.25 per square inch
For example, an 11"x14" would be $192.5, rounding out to $190

Side Notes on Pricing:
*Students, make sure to ask for my discount.
* All projects are considered individual, personal and different, and as such are individually priced. This gives standard pricing and sizes for single figure portraits, and is used as a guideline, but each project pricing is discussed between client and artist individually to find a fair price for their specific piece. Additional figures or background complexity will increase price.
* Special projects with unique specifications are very hard to categorize under a pricing table, so their pricing is completely between client and artist.
* If the client is unhappy with their piece, they may negotiate a price reduction or decreased pricing on a replacement commission (they will still receive their first piece). 

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